Just as a person has a taste in music, so has a person taste in actions. This is morality.

Just as people disagree on which music is bad, so do people disagree on which actions are bad. This is the nature of morality.

Just as no person is correct about which music is bad, so is no person correct about which actions are bad. This is the truth of morality.
What is taste but the flavour of food on your tongue?
What is feeling but the flavour of objects on your skin?
What is morality but the flavour of actions on your emotions?
by NaTyu December 09, 2005
A fictitous belief in what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' There is no such thing as right or wrong. Your actions decide who you are, not words. 'Morality' is dependant on a person. Not society. Each individual decides what is right or wrong. It is not socities choice to decide. But it is the duty of society to lay down rules of morality.
Where is your sense of morality?
Morality is just another word for bullshit!
by Karl Marx October 24, 2004
Morality is Extinct.
Quick as the dinosaurs.
by Truthteller February 15, 2005

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