unflattering term for an Anglo-European female (usually American) who believes female parts plus a bottle of hair peroxide equals instant personality and attraction. I.e., barbie, air head, bimbo, shallow, dumb
Look at that mophead flashing her boobs for beads! Way to goBarbie!
by Professor Quest August 13, 2009
Top Definition
A dude with nasty dreds or generally messy hair.
That one mophead in our class smelled of fish and greasy underwear.
by superdoo September 22, 2003
A black male with a head full of dreadlocks or twists in his hair which give the appearance and odor of a used mop.
The suspect was described a black male with a "mop head", baggy pants, and wife beater....
by BigDaddyDave July 10, 2008
Someone with long scruffy hair, normally hippies and bums
That Mr Liam Jones is a right mop head
by Aaron515 February 09, 2007
Someone who has long hair that goes past your nose and runs into things because he can't see. Also pushes his hair out of his face but it just falls back in his face very fast.
My brother is a mop head.
by alexhe December 09, 2007
top bloke, legend
Your a Mophead
by Maccas McNuggets October 20, 2015
top bloke, legend
Your a Mophead
by Maccas McNuggets October 20, 2015
is someone having dreads, long kinky twist or just long twist
"Ayy dawg did yall see them mop heads roll through our block?"
by J_Nutty2010 May 11, 2010
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