Fix all bugs in a piece of software. ALL BUGS.
Large government contract with a deadline looming.
by Joe March 11, 2005
Top Definition
concentrated LSD. A sheet of acid that is used to soak up spilled L when cutting it from crystal form.
my boy gave me the mop up after he cut that gr of crystal he got from Moonstar.
by funetiklee March 30, 2005
to redefine the features of someones face by brute physical force from one's fist. Also can be used in place of "beating the shit out of", "demolishing", "kicking ass", etc.
Present tense: I am going to mop up on any naysayers who oppose the crooked design of my concept car.

Past tense: The naysayers were mopped up on when they called out the marginal concept design.
#mop up #mop-up #demolish #take care of #redefine
by Team 09 March 01, 2011
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