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Nickname for K-10 when playing poker.

Although questions have sprung up which is which, it is widely accepted that the K is the moose and the 10 is the cock.

"I got suited moosecock, alllllll in"

"Moosecock prevails"
by Steve K wussup June 29, 2009
An indescribable amount of suckage.
Man, that exam sucked big hairy moose cock!!!
by dlogcher February 21, 2006
an incredibly large man piece; similar to 'hung like a horse'
wanker 1: "toby has a fucking moose cock"

wanker 2: "he is the ugliest kid on the planet, god had to make up for it somehow"

wanker 1: "atleast he has a shot in the porn industry"
by john December 25, 2004
In the sport Disc Golf (Frisbee Golf) you shoot a plastic disc to a basket. Flat, hill, forest,ect. any type of terrain. Occasionally your disc will hit a tree, and sometimes if not most, it will hit a big branch poking out of the side of the tree. That is a Moose Cock. A big leafless tree branch.
I almost made it through those trees, but that moose cock knocked my disc down.
by Jonny Hyzer December 09, 2010
A highly skilled MLG clan that shits on any other clan
Did you hear Moose Cock beat faze, yeah faze didn't stand a chance against Vexx and Fuzy yelling "In the Asshole please Faze! "
by Vexx June 29, 2015
what an asshole calls an asshole
A guy who has risen above the level of douchebag, it also covers random normal asshole who's action leaves you speechless...that is a moosecock
by July 12, 2011
A Canadian's favorite food
Hey Honey why don't you fry me up some of that Moose Cock for supper?
by know the toe September 19, 2003
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