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see moon and dabor

Supercool webmaster of mooniidx.com; created formula for the <i>sum of love</i> and the infamous Man Faye shrine, as featured on Tech TV. Can be found skulking about Diamond Plaza and its surrounding areas. Breathes Essence of Melchior. Is often confused with fakedabor.
check out the crepe shack, okaaaaay?
by utsuse May 24, 2004

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beverage dabor dawg dope drug melchior moon son word
A very euphoric drug or alcoholic beverage.
Dawg, let us skip school and dope up on some "moondabor".

Word, son.
by Zetrix May 25, 2004
Sexual position in which two men, ages 35-47, spank eachother vigorously on the ass while engaging in anal sex at strange, strange angles.
"What's YOUR favorite position, Bob?"

"Well DUH! The moondabor, thilly!"
by The Holy Christ May 24, 2004