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see moon and dabor

Supercool webmaster of mooniidx.com; created formula for the <i>sum of love</i> and the infamous Man Faye shrine, as featured on Tech TV. Can be found skulking about Diamond Plaza and its surrounding areas. Breathes Essence of Melchior. Is often confused with fakedabor.
check out the crepe shack, okaaaaay?
by utsuse May 24, 2004
No one knows exactly what a 'dabor' is, but some speculate that it is a mythical creature (likened to bigfoot) that only appears by the light of the moon in Rowland Heights, CA.
wtf is a dabor?
by utsuse May 24, 2004
Sexy anime geek with fantastic, gorgeous raven locks (when it's not short). Winner at various Bemani games; magnet for white plastic buckets disguising themselves as foam blocks. Known to fanboy over Lafiel and Nadeshiko. Also unafraid to show off his sub-par karaoke skills.
by utsuse May 24, 2004
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