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The word "silly" with a gay accent.
Oh my goth, your tho thilly
by sillysillyMcSilly July 01, 2006
the act of or state of being critically impared by marija-hell-freaky. but not just any amount of impairment, one has to be nearly disfunctional and look like a wreath-maker.
GABE -"What are yall bein?"
GABE -"On a scale of 1 to high how thilly are you bein?"
CROONIE-"Dottie, you know I stay fly as a wreath-maker. I'm freakin thilly, so call me a wreath!"
by Croonie April 30, 2007
Thilly is a word created by a girl from Lakemba called Natasha.

Thilly = silly.
You're thuch a thilly thauthage!
by Markehhh May 07, 2010
Having many boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time;being a pimp
"She is going out with 5 guys, she is so thilly!"
by Malzy May 30, 2004
Noun: A person with crazy and asinine tendencies.

Verb: To be or the act of being thilly

I'm tho thilly its sick.
by Tyler Stebbins August 04, 2006

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