Someone who thinks they're your best friend when you really can't stand them; someone overly eager, almost crazily worshiping the ground you walk upon; can also be a stalker.

Sometimes they can be people who tell you how amazing you are, but still like to point out every single flaw and then add something like, "But I still love you" or "But you're still absolutely gorgeous!"

Someone socially retarded.

Also can be referred to as autogoober or a really obnoxious kid.

The most annoying about moonpies is when they say "I love you," especially if you say "I love you too" automatically.
Moonpie: Oh my gosh! Do you pluck your eyebrows?
Victim: Eh...moderately? I mean, I do so I don't get a gross unibrow or whatever.
Moonpie: Oh my god, they're so perfect. You're perfect. Oh...except those three hairs right there.
Victim: Umm.
Moonpie: Can I hug you!?
Victim: I guess...
Moonpie: I love you!
Victim: I lo--Thank you.
Moonpie: I'm not annoying you, am I?
Victim (coughs): No. Why would you think that?
Moonpie: We should hang out sometime!
Victim: Uh, OK.
by IAreGirl June 10, 2009
Top Definition
A snack food popular in the southern United States. A moon pie consists of a marshmellow sandwiched between two cookie-shaped graham crackers, which is then dipped in chocolate. Moon pies are sometimes sold as "marshmellow pies" or "scooter pies" in other areas of the country. In Canada, a moon pie is called a "wagon wheel."
In the 1950s, a moon pie and an R.C. Cola was known as a "working man's lunch."
by You Can't Kill the Metal September 15, 2006
When a male ejaculates in a girl's ass, much like a creampie
I gave that bitch a moonpie!
by mykebert February 02, 2007
When nearing climax during intercourse, lift the breast of your partner and proceed to ejaculate underneath her breast. Then mash it back down on her chest so that it resembles a moonpie aka marshmallow pie.
"I gave Reagan a moonpie a few weeks back and now she won't even speak to me"
by BC03 January 18, 2006
The female version of a fruit basket or a sluttier version of mooning; when a women bends over and you can see her vagina and asshole.
Hey fellow drunken ladies let us moon pie that truck driver.
Kaitlyn always goes commando so I make sure to drop my pencil when she wears a short skirt, here's hoping for moon pie.
There's nothing better than a moon pie in the morning.
by catsface August 26, 2013
When you fart and it vibrates your cooter.
that wasn't a queef, it was a moon pie.
by mamacita rica January 11, 2013
cumming in a gurls ass
yo josh i moonpied that bitch
by Dustin Mulchi November 13, 2007
Possibly the most disgusting sex-act ever known to both man and machine.
The act of going to a party of drunkeness, getting someone to pass out from drunkeness (amongst other things), pulling down ones (meaning yours) pants, taking a massive poo on their chest, ejaculating gooey substance on the poo, and lastly, taking another massive poo on the gooey substance of which is atop the mountainous poo-mountain below it.
As soon as this act of nastyness is complete, one (meaning you) would be best to completely dissapear from the party.
Chris (by the rules, he's not a real person-don't try to find him, it'd be a waste of time) totally decided to moon pie that chick.
It was so nasty, I couldn't stop vomitting.
by maskedpantsman December 09, 2006
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