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fucking a woman w/o a condom usually in the cootch.
yo', home ray wuz meat streakin' with the nu gurl. he hadnt aughta ask whu she b baggin recent furst.
by heizmo December 05, 2005
moon pie is an actual product! it is a chocolate, marshmallow and grahan cracker (smore like!) confection/junk food snack pie, round in shape. exclusively seen/eaten in the south. they are commonly sold at gas stations and truck stops and as such has a rep as a white-trash product. i have seen one, but never eaten one. paired with a drink to "wash it down" which i THINK is usually milk. some of you southern red necks need help me put here.
a moon pie is a real food object!
by heizmo December 02, 2005

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