Any form of word(verb, adjective, noun etc) any means anything you want it to mean - i.e a suitable replacement for any word in your sentence. Created in conjunction with "the Jaffulator"
"Your a fucking Mooj"
"Oops, I, moojed it again"
"Bend over while I mooj you"
"Come along and we'll all have a moojing great time"
by Danny "Bhuna" Houghton April 23, 2004
Top Definition
A foul mouthed old Pakistani man who works at Smartech. Introduced us to such delightful terms as the Alligator Fuckhouse, Cincinnati Bowtie and the need for "connection"
Mooj: It's not about cocks and tits and balls, it's about love! It's not about butthole pleasures..
Andy: It's definitely not about the butthole pleasures

...and so on.
by Partario December 13, 2005
From the word Muhajadeen. Derogatory term to a person of middle-eastern decent.
Guy 1) Hey, isn't the correct word muslim?
Guy 2) No! It's a fuckin' mooj!
by Claytonicnutz April 14, 2007
To relax on a comfortable piece of furniture
Mike: 'I'm so damn tired. may go for a mooj.'
Cat: 'Cool. You go mooj!'
by fluffbucket January 25, 2010
A stinking muslim.
Jim: What's that weird music coming out of the mosque?
Ben: I don't know, some mooj shit.
by shittywalk June 15, 2012
a noun that can represent any person place or thing.

can be used as a replacement for (1)mother fucker (2)dick wad and (3)douche nozzle.
generally used in a bad sesne.
stacy: Awww that fuck tard gave me a tony danza
becky: Ugh what a mooj yo.
by Master Nag August 07, 2009
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