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7 definitions by angelus

a legendary hero
cheers mate your a diamond geezer
by angelus August 14, 2003
The act of using a catheter to drain one's bladder of urine, and the replacing it with wine or any other type of beverage. The decanter then serves other people by urinating into their mouths.
Man, that orgy last night had a decanter at it! My girlfriend got served, the lucky bitch.
by Angelus January 27, 2005
the baddest mother fuckers in airsoft
send your soul to Jesus because your arse belongs to The Team
by angelus August 14, 2003
one of the greatest airsoft teams ever
may they live forever
by angelus August 14, 2003
rock on little spearing may the mooha never die ROBOT KING!
by angelus August 14, 2003
A slang term that can mean yes, yeah or you.
Yea, he's a wee bit crazy.
What are yea lookin at?
by Angelus November 30, 2002
you are so cool
you are so cool omg give me your fucking autograph
by Angelus August 24, 2003