Universal racial slur. Coined 11/29/2010 in Blacksburg, VA as a word that can be used as a derogatory term for all races, creeds, and genders.
I'm sick and tired of all these Moogs crossing the border, hanging out at Home Depot, living 6 to a room, and trying to sell me oranges by the freeway.

I'm sick and tired of these bible-thumping hillbilly Moogs clutching to their guns and religion roaming around WalMart with their plumber-cracks and mullets.

I'm sick and tired of these non-driving, photo-taking, cat-eating Moogs buying up all of the real estate and putting in dry cleaners and convenience stores.

I'm sick and tired of these government cheese-eating, welfare-loving, pants-on-the-ground Moogs ruining every movie theater within a 25 mile radius.
by imonit December 04, 2010
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An electronic music synthesiser that resembles a keyboard in later models. Other versions of it were rather large and costly to maintain. It was developed in the early to mid 60's by Robert Moog.
The Beatles owned one. So does Alec Empire.
by fedzMONKEY November 02, 2003
Any of the electronic synthesizers as created by Dr. Robert Moog or the man himself. (rhymes with vogue)

Dr. Moog started his career in 1954 and in the 60's invented the synthesizer, a musical instrument that creates and modulates sound waves using voltages. The earliest Moogs were huge cabinets; later models were made smaller and less expensive for greater accessability by musicians.

This type of synthesis is refered to as analogue (as opposed to digital which was made popular in the 80's due to its reduced cost). Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in analogue sound due to its classic warmth and richness.
popular models include: the Minimoog, the Rogue, the Taurus II, the Polymoog, the Memory Moog, the Liberation and most recently the Minimoog Voyager

Today, MoogMusic company assembles synthesizers and other analogue gear in Ashville, SC.
by player October 22, 2004
1. A nickname for the slash pairing Pintel/Ragetti from Pirates of the Caribbean.

2. An electronic synthesizer designed by Dr. Robert Moog.

1. I love Moog! They are my OTP!

2. Apparently this is pronounced "moge", not "moog".
by JacktheShipper December 16, 2006
one of the best synthesizer manufacturers ever. started by bob moog, inventor of the VCF (voltage controlled filter). not surprizingly, the filters on a moog synth are wonderful. if you have a moog, rejoyce! you have a serious machine.
it actually rhymes with the word vogue, though everyone still calls it mooooog.
by karl July 13, 2004
Dover slang for your mother. Short for Moogsie
Your moogs fucked me gently with a chainsaw last night!
by Sara***** February 07, 2007
A nickname to give to a person in your group if there are two people of the same name. For example is there are two Samanthas in your group, and you are to lazy to call one Samantha A and the other Samantha B, re-name one 'Moogs'.
This name is also a nickname used for only the best of the best of the best friends. Do not use this name flippantly however, because it signifiys both awsomeness, and an un-wavering kick ass personality.
Julia: This is Samantha M.
Sean: But that blonde girl is Samantha S!
Julia: Yeah well we call one Samantha M. and one Samantha S.
Sean: Well fuck that, you will now be forever known as .... Moogs
Moogie: Can't I be known as Sam?
Sean and Julia: NO!!!
Moogs: ...k...
A universal name for an older loudmouthed female

M - Mouthy
O - Overwieght
O - Old
G - Grey

Four insults in one.. :)
Dave - Yo, Byron, look at that fat gobby cow over there!! Mouthing off about all that gold...
Alex - Fuck yeah Big Dave, what a Moog...
Dave - Damn Straight
by Gavalaaaaa June 12, 2013

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