A universal name for an older loudmouthed female

M - Mouthy
O - Overwieght
O - Old
G - Grey

Four insults in one.. :)
Dave - Yo, Byron, look at that fat gobby cow over there!! Mouthing off about all that gold...
Alex - Fuck yeah Big Dave, what a Moog...
Dave - Damn Straight
by Gavalaaaaa June 12, 2013
Universal racial slur. Coined 11/29/2010 in Blacksburg, VA as a word that can be used as a derogatory term for all races, creeds, and genders.
I'm sick and tired of all these Moogs crossing the border, hanging out at Home Depot, living 6 to a room, and trying to sell me oranges by the freeway.

I'm sick and tired of these bible-thumping hillbilly Moogs clutching to their guns and religion roaming around WalMart with their plumber-cracks and mullets.

I'm sick and tired of these non-driving, photo-taking, cat-eating Moogs buying up all of the real estate and putting in dry cleaners and convenience stores.

I'm sick and tired of these government cheese-eating, welfare-loving, pants-on-the-ground Moogs ruining every movie theater within a 25 mile radius.
by imonit December 04, 2010
someone that looks, talks or even smells like a pleb
Guy:ha that girl has got a t-shirt with her name on it
Dude: what a moog
by Tommo Sherman October 05, 2008
A descriptive word of a disgusting, fat, fowl, rank, tramp, mole.
1. Man that chick is suck a 'Moog'.

2. Get a load of that 'Moog'.

3. (friend to another friend) Yo 'Moog' whats happening today.

4. (Moog to Moog) Jesus we are 'Moogs'
by Gracemereians February 01, 2008
Literal: A keyboard from 60's and 70's that can only play one note at a time.

Modern Meaning: A general moderate to severe put-down, see asshole, shithead, etc.

Backround: One morning on the bus to school, my buddy and I decided to use the name of the old-school Moog keyboard as an insult.
"You failed your science test? What a moog."
"You've been sleeping with my girlfriend? You damn moog!"
"Stop talking, you sound like a retard you moog"
by The Spartan February 03, 2005
A term used for anything and everything,

1. To relieve Stress

2. simply used to replace words that one person doesn't want the other to know
1. MOOG !

2. 'hahah ya Moog' 'Oh god what a Moog' 'how much of a moog is she ?'

by Charmsworth May 10, 2007
A very misbehaved cat.
Short for MUGATO, the term moog refers to any cat that is fat, sheds a lot, humps too much, scratches furniture, or is otherwise terrible.
This term, however, has more recently been used to describe all cats, even the better behaved sort.
Person 1: What's up? Wanna go hang out?
Person 2: Can't, my stupid moog just shredded up all my clothes, let out a huge dump, and pretty much ruined my whole life.
by DianaC August 14, 2006
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