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A moofa is a person who is unsightly and very disturbing to look at. When you see someone who has this sort of description, the word moofa will magically pop into yor head.
Gelsey said to zarin, "Eww what a moofa!!"
by Abeer March 14, 2005
A word describing anything. It can be used as a verb or a noun.

Usually used to describe the action of masturbation (v). Also commonly used as a replacement for the word "penis", and an enemy in the video game, Call of Duty 4.

Also used for someone's name if you can't remember it.
1. I moofaed last night. It was epic.

2. My Moofa is almost 3 inches long. Hopefully it's long enough to pop Eliza's cherry.

3. That fucking Moofa is using Juggernaut and Last Stand. What a faggot.

4. "Yo D-Rec, whoos dat fine Moofa in da cheerleading outfit" -Gangsta 1
"I dont know blud. Probly becky or something"
by G-Head May 31, 2009
A moofa is a very ugly and disturbing to look at person, usually the kind you see randomly on the street.
Gelsey said to zarin, "Eww what a moofah!"
by Abeer March 14, 2005
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