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Traditionally known as Master of Fine Arts, socially known as Master at Fucking Around.
"What degree is he pursuing?"
"An MFA, he does't do shit"
#degree #mfa #graduate #masters #higher-education
by gunderburger September 16, 2013
My Fcukin' Ass

Which can be used as a good or bad thing depending on situation and the way it is said.
Good: MFA that was a brilliant headshot

Bad: MFA you're good in bed (Sarcastic)
by Stevey January 07, 2004
abbreviation of Mighty Fine Ass
Shit dude! check that honeys MFA!
by lo, the greebo warrior May 30, 2004
An abbreviation of "mother fucking arsehole", 90% of the time male. Usually used in online conversations and handphone text messaging (or sms) to save time typing.
Girl A: he cheated on me!
Girl B: he wat?! tt mfa!
Girl A: n he owe me some $
Girl A: MFA!!!
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
Acronym for Mission Fucking Accomplished
Her: "WTF are you trying to do to me?! This says 'may cause a laxative effect'! Apparently, it's so intense you shit yourself."

Me: "Lol. I'm sure that's it. A clean bowel is a happy bowel, amirite?"

Her: "THAT was your plan! Making ME break the poop silence"

Me: "Lol. MFA"
#mission #fucking #accomplished #mfa #acronym
by Skittles x February 05, 2012
mother fucking annoying. to describe a person that doesn;t leave you allone; EVER.
Jesus, that girl needs a life. She's so mfa!
#annoying #stupid #dumbass #clingy #horrid
by juju fluffy April 26, 2010
My Favorite Asian
"Kevin is MFA"
#mfa #asian #my #favorite #kevin
by samburn$ December 27, 2008
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