Use it in the same context as moose, although with the added bonus of sounding acceptable in affection too.
Holy shit, that moof is always pissed.

Ah, poor moof... is there anything you can do without getting hurt?
by dj_monged August 16, 2004
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To fuck a technology teacher during study hall
Rishi and I were moofing in the office.
by techiekid January 22, 2010
Master Of Organised Fun
"This night out has Moof written all over it."
"Yer it is really well organised."
by number16 April 10, 2013
The bark of a dogcow.
Clarus says "moof"
by finder_error September 17, 2002
A call used by straight females and gay males alike to notify others of an attractive man in the vicinity. Usually called out twice. Also used as a tracking device.
'We've got a Moof Moof at table six!'

'Moof moof! Woah, he's hot!'
by Kissthefool April 19, 2006
moof- to fuck up
moofed- fucked up
A word i came up with whilst trying to describe what my friend was doing to her pancake...
'You moofed your pancake, dont moof mine'
'You are so moofed up its not funny'
'Dont moof up your chance now
by Nesium December 20, 2004
A command, meaning approximately the same thing as "Kiss me, dammit!"
Moof. Moof. Moof. (repeat till subject notices)
by sallie d August 29, 2003
This word is so awsome that nobody knows what it means. It can really be anything you want.
What the moof?
You're such a moof.
Moof you!
Die you mother moofer!
by ur face is ugly December 29, 2010

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