1. An asparagus smothered in butter
2. A derogatory term (kind of like the words: stupid, idiot, retard, etc.)

Often, both definitions of moof are used at the same time to confuse the person you are talking to and thus establishing that they are, in fact, an idiot.
Jack: "Dude, I totally just walked into a door!" *rubs head*
Jill: *sigh* "You're such a moof."
Jack: "What's a moof?"
Jill: "An asparagus smothered in butter..."
Jack: *confused*
Jill: "Exactly. You're a moof."
by AboveThePain February 09, 2009
The way to say "moth" in a baby voice.
oh my goodnesh, look at all the moofs ^_^
by crisscrossapplesauce July 11, 2008
Acronym for mother odin oughta fuck
"Woah! check out that MOOF!"
by 300 grenades February 26, 2008
A new way of working. To MOOF is to be Mobile and Out of Office. ie working from home or out and about.
I get more work done when I'm MOOFing, and I can still pick up the kids from school.
by wingsurfer November 28, 2007
A person who is so dumb that they probably fuck farm animals to get action (i.e. MOO Fucker)
dude, that guy's such a fuckin' moof.
by 12 inches November 08, 2007
The feeling of elation beyond that of happiness....the extra 1.5%...
She was totally moofed
by A Walker and A Buck February 15, 2007
refering to your or someone elses cock and balls.
"go suck a moof"

by timalory November 16, 2006

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