A mutation of a cow and dog. Making a Dow, thats the sound that mutation aka Dow would make.
Moof Moof.
by .hack//Gravity March 14, 2003
Top Definition
To fuck a technology teacher during study hall
Rishi and I were moofing in the office.
by techiekid January 22, 2010
Master Of Organised Fun
"This night out has Moof written all over it."
"Yer it is really well organised."
by number16 April 10, 2013
To be plagued by a mythical creature called a Moofie Monster which causes modem and other network problems. Thus causing you to disconnect leaving the other people utterly confused and/or disoriented.
The Moofie Monster got you!
by Medallion123 February 10, 2010
1. Used as an exclamation when somebody is shocked or surprised.

2. Used when someone is upset, similar to f*ck, sh*t, damn
Guy 1: "You know that girl you were going to ask out? I saw on facebook that she's dating your buddy."

Guy 2: "Aw, moof!"
by Trufs February 17, 2009
1. An asparagus smothered in butter
2. A derogatory term (kind of like the words: stupid, idiot, retard, etc.)

Often, both definitions of moof are used at the same time to confuse the person you are talking to and thus establishing that they are, in fact, an idiot.
Jack: "Dude, I totally just walked into a door!" *rubs head*
Jill: *sigh* "You're such a moof."
Jack: "What's a moof?"
Jill: "An asparagus smothered in butter..."
Jack: *confused*
Jill: "Exactly. You're a moof."
by AboveThePain February 09, 2009
A new way of working. To MOOF is to be Mobile and Out of Office. ie working from home or out and about.
I get more work done when I'm MOOFing, and I can still pick up the kids from school.
by wingsurfer November 28, 2007
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