a person usually a bf or gf who never pays for anything and who is always with money of their own. The always relay on somebody else to pay for them....but the mooching is okay because he or she is your friend.
muff muff muff muff from Carleton University always mooches off her friends.
by whitebooi March 06, 2011
Freeloadin, pool playin, hick
Tam is a mooch, dat beyotch.....dumped me for pool and beer!
by RaeRae February 27, 2003
Mathew Hunter Cullen
My friend came over today and he Mathew Cullened all my food! What a Mooch.
by Scott & Justin February 11, 2008
This can be defined in many ways. One of those being a person that steals your kill. That is the most basic, but there is also a person that comes in after a battle and pumps about one round of SMG into you and you die. Another definition of mooch is a person that takes all of your answers and somehow ends up getting a better grade than you.

Mooch:n:The biggest noob that every one hates and needs to learn to play a game as a legit person or just get your ass off of the game.
"You goddamn mooch!!!! I shot you like ten thousand times!!"
"Uh oh here comes _______ hes gonna kill you with the ultimate noob combo"
"I swear if you mooch this kill I wil rape your ass so hard that you will never return to this game again!"
by spence aka. LiveBlue93 November 08, 2007
That Scumbag who wants $5000 off a new 325i and thinks his 92' Integra with 170,000 miles is worth $7000.
You wouldn't believe what that fucking mooch wanted. I told him to get the fuck out of here and go and buy a Kia. O.K. I felt like telling him to get...
by Roger Corbett April 29, 2004
The name of a Monkey like man residing in the state of New York.
Enjoys eating, drinking, lying, and partying excessively with very little money to do so most times. Lots of fun to hang out with but at times he is a bit much. He's Mooch, a.k.a. S-dot, a.k.a. Grasso, aka Monk.
"I can't believe the stories that Mooch tells, that kid is really troubled"

Mooch told me he was on probation and my response was "DEWZ"
by M-Dot March 05, 2004
It signifies love between two best friends a and b.
You can also show it like: moochily; meaning much i love you. But then again you cant because your not one of the two girls it applies to...shame on you :)
alice loves beth mooch, it can be used in conjunction with head i.e: moochead
by A*c*e April 26, 2007
snog, kiss, get off with, etc
I mooched this little blonde bird last night- oh- she was a fuckin dancer im tellin ya.
by womoma April 17, 2005

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