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snog, kiss, get off with, etc
I mooched this little blonde bird last night- oh- she was a fuckin dancer im tellin ya.
by womoma April 17, 2005
6 15
Phil Partin...*trails off* see also: CartoonChess
1:Hey Matt wheres Mooch?
2:Last I saw that white boy he was playin the funky music of the heezy fosheez-
1:Nevermind..I see him..MOOCHIE!
by §tar September 29, 2003
3 12
A hairy guy who loves sluts with big titties
Hey man, ur acting like mooch

dont be a mooch, ur cock is tiny
by mykel.d2 May 10, 2005
7 17
a guy who goes to your wedding and doesn't give you a gift and/or a guy who keeps all the money from an NCAA pool
That mooch screwed me out of a wedding gift
by g money August 08, 2003
2 13
a man cooch
he's totally got a mooch
mooch juice!
by Toonie April 21, 2004
3 17