a person usually a bf or gf who never pays for anything and who is always with money of their own. The always relay on somebody else to pay for them....but the mooching is okay because he or she is your friend.
muff muff muff muff from Carleton University always mooches off her friends.
by whitebooi March 06, 2011
The Biggest Goon Alive, This person is also Raw as a MuthaFxcka
by MoochisRaw January 24, 2011
a group of wookies
That mooch of wookies tried to sell me a grilled cheese sandwich in the Phish concert parking lot.
by Sueshi December 07, 2010
someone who always asks for stuff from a friend or random people; preferably food.
Nelly always mooches sugar cookies off Sarah.
by Nelly Tatarina April 27, 2008
A scab or freeloader who comes to your house uninvited and overstays his welcome (For more than about 3 days) and proceeds to eat all your food, stink up your bathroom, take all your drugs and just generally leech all the blood from your body during their stay.
"Don't let Jae in again, he is the biggest moocher."
"Your'e not coming over if your'e going to mooch again!"
Q: "Where have you been the last few days, son?" - MOM
A: "Just mooching at Jae's for a while."
by Diego June 29, 2003
Mathew Hunter Cullen
My friend came over today and he Mathew Cullened all my food! What a Mooch.
by Scott & Justin February 11, 2008
A coach who is essentially worthless to a young, inexperienced team. On the other hand he might adequately take an experienced team to the play-offs; however only if he stays out of the way and doesn't force his limp wristed offense down their throats.
The Detroit Lions had a coach nick named mooch
by XlgRev October 03, 2007
Was the 'Bully' from the TV Series: 'Different Strokes' (With Webster!)
MAn, that mooch got me real bad
by pwa March 16, 2005
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