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1) hook
2) house
Tyrell: "What are you gonna do with LaTanya tonight?"
Jameel:"I'm fin' to take her to da Waffle House for dinner then I'm gonna take dat ho back to da heezy (2) and heezy (1) up wit dat."
Tyrell: "Of da heezy (1), nigga."
Jameel: "Fo' sheezy."
by Nick D April 23, 2004
(n) hook
Off the heezy fo sheezy
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
another word for
(1)off tha hook
(1)Yo that shiznit was of tha heezy!
(2)Hey lets go back to da heezy.
by Chris October 21, 2004
Another way a sayin thats off da chain
Thats the heezy ma neezy fo' sheezy
by F*** U!!! March 28, 2003
The nickname for musical artist Mark Hoppus.
Mark "Heezy" Hoppus
by Sinyster182 July 04, 2011
meanin hell

made famus by jamie fox
wut da heezy dat dude iz crazy
by DA AIR FORCE 1 KING May 27, 2007
House or other form of abode.
Yo, I'm fittin' to go back to the heezy.
by daphat1 May 29, 2003

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