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literally, actually, really, seriously, not figuratively
Person: i'm literally a polar bear
by batrider January 08, 2012
1. abbreviation for common sense

2. counterstrike
Dude 1: dude movies are made with at least three hundred thousand frames per second

Dude 2: wow you have nooooooo cs

Jared: giraffes are at least one hundred feet tall

Chris: you have no cs
by batrider January 08, 2012
smooth and soft = smoft

–verb (used with object)
1. to put your mouth on a smooth and soft surface of the body such as stomach or butt with no hair, create an airtight seal with the mouth, then blow to emit a juicy fart sound

2. to punish by putting your mouth on someone's smooth and soft stomach and blowing to make him uncomfortable and laugh

3. an act or instance of smofting

-noun phrase
4. butt smoft, an act of smofting on someone's bare ass
Guy 1: It's time for your smoft. lift up your shirt

Person A: i'm going to smoft you 8 times
Person B: you are so gay

*guy is lying on the bed with his shorts pulled down to just below his waist, showing his bare ass*

Guy 2: Wow, it's a full moon tonight, time to butt smoft you
by batrider March 15, 2011
man-boob, usually seen on fat guys
Scout 1: Man, do you think Billy Butler will steal 5 bases this season?

Scout 2: No way, his moobs are too big
by batrider March 15, 2011
to shake your ass in front of your friend wearing nothing except a tool belt from home depot
dude, he home depot danced in front of me last night, good thing the belt pocket with the home depot logo covered his schlong
by batrider March 15, 2011
a university where students go to play Starcraft in a study room at the library during Spring Fling
Guy 1: Yo what school do you go to?
Guy 2: Penn
Guy 1: Oh nice, you play Starcraft at Van Pelt?
Guy 2: Everyday
by batrider February 06, 2013
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