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nonsense;talking about something that doesn't make any sense
A:I can't understand what she is on about!
B:Let her be.. she is talking jiberish..
by petey91 April 13, 2008
A Language That You Can't Understand!!! Also Can Be Random Words Spoken Very Fast!!! (Also Can Be Spelled Giberish!!)
Fred: Tuna Fish Bakes Cookies!!!!
Timmy: Da Ftuid Ssjhr Fr Dfsa!!!
Fred: HA! L0L!!!!
Timmy: Don't You Love Speaking Jiberish!!!
by HotPotato2424 April 04, 2009
to be a jiberish u have to use jiberish infront of every word!
like jiberish pen
jiberish nose hair
steph- jiberish queen
kirsty- jiberish #1
annie- jiberish #2
helen- jiberish #3
miss p- jiberish #4
kiana- jiberish #5
by ahfoi April 25, 2009
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