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When two women rub grundles to stimulate clitoral regions, simulating when lesbian monkeys have been documented grinding like its 1999.
Jen "Hey Lisa, wanna monkeybump"

Lisa "Of course I would!...syrup or jelly this time?"
by Two tone cock June 21, 2009
The hardened raised area of a severe blow. Usually administered with the middle knuckle of a fist. Common amoung siblings.
When aggravated Jon would inflict one hell of a monkey bump!
by eag723@yahoo.com September 25, 2004
A playful name for a lady's breasts.
Man: I'm bored.
Lady: Do you wanna get naked and play with my monkey bumps?
Man: <gets naked>
by crxchaos June 01, 2005
the red bumps left behind by a women who used a dull razor to trim the bush
That chick was hot but she had some gnarly monkey bumps
by bobbyt June 18, 2006