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a less than affectionate term for the young offspring of a human female
tom: is matt coming out on the lash with us tonight?
gareth: nah, cherly's making his stay in to watch the cunt monkey.
by crxchaos July 07, 2006
A playful name for a lady's breasts.
Man: I'm bored.
Lady: Do you wanna get naked and play with my monkey bumps?
Man: <gets naked>
by crxchaos June 01, 2005
A person highly skilled in ass assassination. A prerequisite of the chocolate ninja is a high degree of stealth so that his target is entirely unaware of what is about to come.
Don't go anywhere alone with Tom, he's a right chocolate ninja!
by crxchaos May 25, 2005
A person who busts it up sexually with big girls or guys
Dave: See the size of that thing Steve went home with last night? T'was towing it's own hotdog stand for crying out loud!
Mike: Doesn't surprise me TBH, he's a tubber, said sommat about liking the challenge of finding the hole.

After wrestling the chubby lump to the floor 'Trevor the Tubber' flipped fat Freddy over and slipped his little weener into his brown eye
by crxchaos July 12, 2006

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