A sexual position involving a large woman and two five gallon buckets. The woman assumes a position where her asshole is pointed so that the best angle to fuck her is straight down, at which point you climb upon the two buckets and then proceed to fuck her in a vertical motion with your penis at a dick bending 180 degree angle. Most importantly you must then smack her ass cheeks with both hands with every successive thrust, giving you the appearance of a monkey hopping up and down with flailing arms. NOises are optional, but always appreciated
Call up your mom and tell your friend Bussy to bring some buckets, we are gonna do some monkey fucking tonight
by philip anselmo March 08, 2007
Top Definition
Adjective used to refer to a person usually male who will have sex with any woman. Someone who is so indiscriminate that they would fuck a female monkey. Eventually its use was broadened so that it became used to describe anyone whose habits are unpleasant, unsavoury or just plain weird.
"Malcolm, you are, without doubt, the most useless cunt eyed, shit-licking, monkey fucking, piss-brained, ass kissing, fuck witted WOSP in the world!"
by AKACroatalin March 28, 2015
Attempting to fuck while wearing clothes.
Alyssa and Chad were monkey fucking in the bedroom because they were scared about getting caught with their clothes off when Alyssa's mom showed up to pick her up.
by Yo dude it's me January 23, 2007
when you are smoking a cigarette and you light the second cigarette with the first.
Dave enjoys monkey fucking outside of his dorm.
getting multiple people working on a problem that is not worth their collective time.
Oh great, and now he's got half the office monkeyfucking this simple configuration issue
by mattly July 24, 2008
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