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A monkeybooty is a man-child, in the age range of 25-35, that lives in his mother's house, eating her food, all the while maintaining the idea that it's preposterous to get a job. This man will fill you with so much false crap, so BEWARE!! He'll use his intellect and adorable charm to convince you that he is always right and no one else can be trusted. A monkeybooty will suck out your soul if you let him. IT IS ADVISABLE TO STAY AT LEAST 100 FEET AWAY FROM THE MONKEYBOOTY!!!!!
me: "Why don't you get a job and help me out?"

my EX boyfriend: "Because I don't NEED a job. I have you. I'm the great Monkeybooty."

me: "I wanna break up now."
by Melbel801 November 22, 2011
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a term used while referring to the buttocks of a primate.
ooohhh damn, i went to the jungle and i caught me a monkey with a banana and kind words. that damn monkey was all over me man, wooooooo i like that there monkey booty.
by Sam Cochrane April 02, 2007

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