One of the best game cube games I have ever played
Monkey Ball is one of the best video games I have ever played
by whatever no one looks here anyway November 05, 2003
Describing how cold it is. Really cold.
Man, its cold as monkey balls outside
by Scarface February 09, 2005
adam anisle's fav word
im adam anisle and i say monkey balls all the time
by asia July 13, 2004
A glazed baked dough creation. Created by making dough into ball shaped peices, slathering them in a cinnimony sugary, syrupy, mixture and then placing them all in a single pan to cook. Resulting in a pull apartable delight.

ORIGIN: 7th grade home-ec class (actual name is monkey bread)
Daaamn, Bob Belliveau from Easton who wrote this description using a bunch of made up descriptive words because youre a master english wordsmith, that monkey balls recipe from easton junior high school in massachussetts is still the best, man.
by smokeabonethug August 23, 2014
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