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To fuck ugly people
Jim: Sean had a 'Toad Fuck last night

Jack: yeah he that girl was ugly.
by YeahIWentThere August 24, 2010
something being so bad that it sucks monkeys balls
jill: my boyfriend dumped me

Janet: that sucks monkeys balls

John: I lost my job

Jack: that sucks monkeys balls

that guy/girl sucks monkeys balls
by YeahIWentThere August 24, 2010
To fuck ugly people on a regular basis

To go out of your way to fuck ugly people.
Janet: Oh my god, she is such a toad fucker, she loves fucking ugly people

Jean: yeah seriously she is a toad fucker, did u see the state of him?

Jack: Sean you are a toad fucker, that girl was minging

Sean:I love fucking ugly girls they do more
by YeahIWentThere August 24, 2010

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