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A street name for a drug from the plant Marijuana. Usualy smoked through a bong or rolled in a joint.
Have you got the kiwi fruit?
by Twattt April 14, 2008
A small furry fruit from New Zealand. Brown and hairy on the outside, green and seedy on the inside. High in vitamin C with a sharp tangy taste.
Dan: Are you getting some kiwi fruit? They're BOGOF at Sainsburys.
Liz: Get that hairy egg away from me, man!!!
by plastix fantastix May 18, 2005
1. Kiwifruit - The original name given to the furry brown fruit with either traditional green or tropical yellow flesh, grown in NZ and exported worldwide.

2.Kiwifruit - Slang for A gay guy who comes from New Zealand

1. Kiwifruit are 99c per Kg at the local supermarket.

2. I'm A Kiwifruit
by Jellyphant July 25, 2003
Why are you looking at the definition of kiwi fruit? You should know what that is unless you're like foreign or something.
seriously kiwi fruit is reaally basic
by georgegiraffe May 03, 2014
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