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A street name for a drug from the plant Marijuana. Usualy smoked through a bong or rolled in a joint.
Have you got the kiwi fruit?
by Twattt April 14, 2008
33 9
A small furry fruit from New Zealand. Brown and hairy on the outside, green and seedy on the inside. High in vitamin C with a sharp tangy taste.
Dan: Are you getting some kiwi fruit? They're BOGOF at Sainsburys.
Liz: Get that hairy egg away from me, man!!!
by plastix fantastix May 18, 2005
21 5
1. Kiwifruit - The original name given to the furry brown fruit with either traditional green or tropical yellow flesh, grown in NZ and exported worldwide.

2.Kiwifruit - Slang for A gay guy who comes from New Zealand

1. Kiwifruit are 99c per Kg at the local supermarket.

2. I'm A Kiwifruit
by Jellyphant July 25, 2003
19 4
A New Zealand homosexual.
A Gay New Zealander.
by Rees Pearse April 19, 2005
17 23