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an onion booty is an ass thats sooo fine, guys gust look at it and it makes them cry.
damn asia you got an onion booty!
by asia July 12, 2004
is a school girls masterbation tool wich she uses during school under her skirt wich can be such as a pen, pencile, or retractable eraser.
i use mi school girls stiff during class all the time
by asia July 13, 2004
a fecal-dildo is to shit into a condom and put it in the freezer, there for frezzing it solid you should be able to insert it into your vagina or if gay into your ass as a masterbation tool. or of a female homo make 2and insert one in pussy and one in ass. once becomeing soft form back into shape and place back into the freezer for next use.
thank you have a nice day
by asia July 11, 2004
Whats up wit chu?
Whats really good?
How ya been?
What chu been up to?

Down Souf version of "Whats really good?"
Person 1:Whats poppin nigga?
Person 2:I got busted last night fa weed possetion
Person 3:Dats tough....got ne mor left?
by Asia December 05, 2003
nifty, snazzy, spiffy, rad
niferific is fun to say
by asia February 17, 2004
a hard street word for a dike
Me not being gay, I was not comfortable in a house full of switch blades.
by Asia June 17, 2006
a game played by 3rd graders at my school.when every ones a mouse except 1 person and they run around until all the mice have been caught. or a game played by 2 people in a SEXUAL way when a invisible mouse goes into a womans pussy and claims it home and the cat inother words the dick goes in to fish the mouse out by fuckin the girls brains out until he is sure hes ridded the mouse.
katie lets play cat and mouse
by asia July 12, 2004

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