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n.- Cross between a monkey and a ferret, consisting of a monkey-like body and a ferret-like head.
Babe, you looked like a monket and it scared me more than a little.
by Queen of the World June 24, 2005
1. A small monk and/or monkey
2. An exclamaion
1. "I'm going to see the chorus of monkets at the tiny church today"
2. "Ow, monket! I stubbed my toe"
by Simon November 14, 2004
It is a small monkey. Taken as a racial slang, it means a small black person, aka black child. Also see niglet
Oh look at that cute monket on the street. We should go feed it
by urbanm dicktionary January 11, 2008
1) A monkey like creature with no legs and a mullet.

2) Can be used in a sentence to replace any noun.
1) Holy hell that monket has a camero mullet!

2) I am going to beat my monket tonight.
by Steve November 17, 2003
a monkey-like creature with no legs.
Oh no! That monket is about to steal our parsnip plantation!
by acous July 17, 2003