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The most awesome, amazing, stupendous, glorious, perfect guy you will ever come across in your life. He is usually taller than 6 feet and is very funny and handsome and knows good from evil and loves a challenge. If you have a Thurgood in you life, do not let him go because he is one of a kind.
Man my girl just left me for a Thurgood? Dawg you are not getting your girl back.
Oh I seen a Thurgood the other day and I offered him my bitch. I wish I could be like him
by Wendy Polentino February 10, 2014
1) Pony aka the dirty Costa Rican lotion boy
2) The most degrading word you can call someone.

Sometimes referred to as: the goods, T-good, or Steven
*They calls me Thurgood.
*Look at this kid! He ain't even a dirt bag... he's just a Thurgood.
*I know I wouldn't do stuff with her! Yeah, but Thurgood will.
*I thought I heard Stan was getting play?... Nah, that was just Thurgood going down on a girl.
*Something smells like my balls!... It's just Thurgood.
*I LOVE THE SIGHT OF BLOOD!... You must be a Thurgood.

by Stan "A Handle or Two" Bartons November 24, 2008

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