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Short for Monica. The hottest girl you know. Some have seen her around Rhode Island, but her original place of origin is in VA- 804 beyotch! Her hair is naturally curly, but dont be fooled because occasionally she will straighten it. No one knows the exact color of her eyes but be advised- she is extremely hot and if you ever get the chance to go out with her, just hope she likes you as much as you like her, if its possible....
Man, have you seen moni? If she gets any hotter we will all melt.
by Alex April 09, 2004
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A Moni, is a high pitched bulgarian squirrel. It is usually very short, and acts as a pest in the animal, and human society. At a first glance, this creature might appear human, but after getting a closer look and better experience the Moni's personality, you may want to harm this creature. But, beware, for it has vocal cords similar to that of a human, like a parrot, which is what makes it so high pitched. This creature develops grudges against those who have reason to dislike it (everyone!)

Moni Kineti is an example of a Moni. (They all start with Moni.)
by Fallus Phyllis April 18, 2009
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A friend who is there for someone when in need.
My best friend is SO Monis!
by IY00 June 24, 2010
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A short girl of Mexican descent who frequents book stores, coffee shops and craft stores. Enjoys scrapbooking and diagramming sentences. Likes to bake, watch the History channel, have long conversations, discuss philosophy, preach atheism, correct grammar, abuse exclamation points, take pictures and rob banks.
I saw Moni at the book store yesterday.
Moni's here for her white choclate mocha.
I got a page in Moni's scrapbook. Cool!
Moni won't stop taking pictures; what a nerd!
by visitor_here December 07, 2005
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noun; resident of rhode island. wicked hawt and cool and funny and smart.

adjective; describing something or someone that is really cool/hot.
1). Moni is wicked hot.

2). That girl is soooo moni.
by Timbo September 06, 2003
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noun: a sexy mother. A women of high class tat always introduces her name and career because she has it going for her. Body and all. She is gorgeous. Refrenced alot many as a joke for going in any situation. For example, going to moni vag.
Andie: My mom is sooo cool!!!
Juan: Yea I know and she's gotta be a moni she has a bangin body.
by jbizzey February 13, 2013
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Moniz cute darling freak...Hot n Caring dude...

Do U Moni? :)
Hmmmmm...Go check the webcam
by Halgan November 14, 2003
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