9 definitions by Timbo

means vagina
spampurse, spazhole, fadge, axe wound, gash, box, snatch
by timbo January 21, 2004
to masterbate
Damn That girl is hot, i better rub it out before i explode.
by Timbo October 16, 2003
Something that a football club's board will say to the media about their coach 2-4 weeks before firing him.
Despite having gone 3-22 this season, Coach Furner has the full support of the board.
by Timbo July 06, 2010
The Act Of Shaking Ones Fist At A Dead Flower
He Millwalled The Dead Rose
by Timbo October 15, 2004
an alternate spelling of OK
"I'm going to the movies tomorrow"
by Timbo February 07, 2004
Uber-talented singer, signed to Timbaland's Beat Club record. Her album has been delayed for ages, and is still waiting release. She has an awesome voice so look out for her!
"Who is that awesome singer?"
"Must be Kiley Dean."
by Timbo October 28, 2004
The act of shagging sheep
Look at that bloke Edabomb!
by Timbo October 15, 2004

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