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MONGLE (mon-gul) der. english MANGLE, v. - 1. To molest something in a deviant or sexual manner. 2. A darker or more morbid form of molestation. 3. Molestation for more than sexual reasons.
Ben sedated Jeremy and mongled his cock in his sleep, since Jeremy wouldn't let him while he was awake. He just didn't understand that every cock he would mongle brought him closer to God...
#mangle #molest #perverse #touch #latent homosexuality
by tehBaker September 18, 2006
v. mongled, mongling, mongles

1. To strike about the head and shoulders; bludgeon.
2. To subject to repeated beatings or physical abuse; batter.
3. To drink alcohol so as to become stupified as if beaten.

synonyms: to beat, to bludgeon, to batter, to assault, to become inebriated
Let's all head over the bar to get mongled.

Rodney King got mongled on the side of the road.
by MongledMonkey May 08, 2003
stupid person, idiot

abbrievriated: mong

for scottish perthians translate to "mongo"
"dinny be a mongle, abody kens St. Johnstone are shite!"
by charlie-boy February 09, 2004
To ejaculate without the use of ur hands or another person.
Man that nice combo of the hot moist paper towel with the saran wrap and vasaline sure gave me a good mongle. -Daniel Oliver.
by Oliver Quidgeums September 20, 2005
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