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Short for whoremonger, i.e., one who frequents whores and prostitutes.
He's a true monger, even his vacations are all to primo whorefucking destinations.
by Cabron December 05, 2004
281 92
Short for whoremonger, one who frequents prostitutes
That monger is always on the strip looking for whores.
by Tim1936 December 19, 2006
65 46
1. One who enjoys hoarding things or accumulating stuff. 2. One who becomes obsessive about an act, concept, or idea.
Jay Leno is a car monger.
The king was a war monger.
She is a such a sex monger.
55 69
1) Mung-ger: Someone who mongers(sells) something, for example fish-monger, ironmonger,whoremonger, assmonger, cockmonger

2) Mong-er: A mentally challenged person,retard,spaz,mongoloid(from which the word is derived)
"That assmonger can be such a monger sometimes!"
by Baron Von Batwing January 16, 2005
91 107
A spaz or other choice of adjective for a person.
Used to joke with friends or 'innocently' tell another person that they kinda-sorta suck :)
Joke: "Jeebuz dude, don't be such a monger." ;)
Innocent term: "That chicky (or dicky) is such a monger!" :O
monger swiss cheese cocked up hobo lethargic
by MellowJellowithSarahSauce October 21, 2011
10 28

Someone who is being a punk or brat
Stop being a monger and taking my clothes!
by pandagrl August 05, 2010
5 27
One to stir the pot, cause an uproar, create a disturbance or disagreement between individuals.
If You never agree with your colleagues, you may be a Shit Monger!
by Captain shittemonger February 02, 2010
14 37