A word white people use in the place of nigger. Originated in Boston. The reason blacks are called Monday is because "No one likes Mondays".
"I hate Mondays'" or "Everyone should hate Mondays'"
by Timothy Weedle February 12, 2008
A code word for a group of people that are nearby that the speaker would like to talk trash about.

The group is usually predefined or obvious.
Walking into a group of annoying freshmen
Andy: I hate Mondays.
Jess: I know!
Freshman: I have no idea that these two are actually discussing MY failure at life and existence in general
by Brianurlacher March 14, 2008
term for a black person.
white dude: man ur such a fucking monday
black dude: ima kick ur ass u lil cracka

everyone hates monday just like black people
by Ethan1427 February 12, 2008
The when all wars are started. Most deaths occur. Everyone hates this day.
Mon- latin means "earth fucks everyone on earth"
You have cancer, today is monday.
You find your girlfriend cheating on you on mondays.
Hey your whole family just died in a horrible car accident involing zeebras and clowns, Oh yeh, today is monday!
by Terence June 16, 2003
Mondays: This a word used in the English languish for a day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday. Mondays is a word that I use to describe Niggers. The meaning behind it is, "Nobody really likes Mondays." This word can be used as a code word to replace Niggers when you don't want everyone to hear the actual word.
“I hate fucking Mondays."
by MondayDown X2 November 07, 2010
A slang term used to affectionately describe men and women of African or African American decent. Usually used alongside terms such as "love," "wonderful smelling," "clean," and "highly motivated." Since people have started over-classifying everything, 'Mondays' now only refers to black people, although it used to cover a much broader scope. As a result, the rest of the weekdays represent different racial categories to help disguise affectionate sayings and niceties.
I love wonderful smelling, clean, highly motivated Mondays.

(or used derogatorily)
I hate stinky, dirty, lazy Mondays.
by RedNeckZilla August 11, 2008
In case you didn't know, every Monday is Smack Ya' Ho Day!!!
Guess what, bitch! It's Monday!
by Maverick X April 17, 2005

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