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To receive a text message or picture that is sexual in nature and wasnt wanted or expected
OMG! That dude John just sent me a picture of his junk. I was talking to him after the party and gave him my number, and he molexted me!
by totalg33k October 01, 2010
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When you are sexted by someone you have never met or who you don't like.
*Texting on phone*

Creeper: Ayo girl, my dick is throbbing for you ;) ;)

Girl: I think I just got molexted
by milozzy1 March 16, 2013
When someone gets sexted by someone they didn't want to be sexted by
Jane molexted my last night when she sent me dirty texts that made me uncomfortable
by Oh iTs Pyro April 05, 2011
when you get sexted by someone that you dont want to sext with.
WTF dude Cindy just molexted me.

That's fucking gross man.
by ricearoni24 March 30, 2011
When you are sexted by someone you don't find attractive. Molestation by sexting.

Molexting: The act of sexting by the attractively challenged.
Ewww...I just got a sext from Hairy Brian...I just got molexted.
by The Minnie Muffin April 10, 2013
being texted nonstop by someone you dont want to text
marry molexted me last night
by kerbe1379 October 01, 2010

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