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To receive a text message or picture that is sexual in nature and wasnt wanted or expected
OMG! That dude John just sent me a picture of his junk. I was talking to him after the party and gave him my number, and he molexted me!
by totalg33k October 01, 2010
Der ferk is a cleaner replacement for what the fuck. Used in mixed company, like in front of parents or teachers.
Dude, I got a 98 on that math test!
Der ferk? You stayed out partying last night, how'd you pull that off?
by totalg33k January 16, 2011
VDSM: Volvo Driving Soccer Mom. Replacement acronym for MILF. Usable in polite company.
You and your buds are at the grocery store picking up your cases of Natty light and see a smoking hot VDSM with her two crib rats in tow. You can remark on her presence without the gnarly old checkout grandma knowing to what you're referring.
by totalg33k June 20, 2013
When you see a car that resembles a police cruiser. Might be a Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, or something newer. It forces you to slow down and drive more carefully than you care to admit.
"Hey man, you're going too fast, there's a cop up ahead. Slow it down."
"Nah, that's just a grandma driving her Grand Marquis cop-a-like boat."
by totalg33k November 01, 2013
performing cunnilingus on a lady whos not shaved to the point that it resembles ol' Abe's beard.
Man, I went down on my girlfriend last night and it was like kissing Abraham Lincoln..
by totalg33k February 20, 2008
Acronym for What a douche. Probably used in texting to refer to someone else, or in conversation to remain mostly polite. Like WTF, but more direct.
"So, did you hear that Frank decided to call that chick anyway after she told him off at the bar?"
"Yeah, I did, w.a.d."
by totalg33k October 21, 2013

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