To give someone a handjob/ to finger them. anything one can do to themselves, done by another person, with a sexual intent
Ria molesterbated Tj when he took his pants off

Tj molesterbated that hot girl in the movie theatre
by Ria March 12, 2005
Top Definition
The art of molesting someone (or thing) by masturbating on and or for them.
After we arrived at my apartment from a decent meal at cheddars, Dale proceeded to pin me down on all fours and molesterbate on my genitalia.
by MarshN December 26, 2011
1: To touch yourself in an unwanted sexual manner.

2: To molest someone while touching yourself in a sexual manner.
1: "Don't molesterbate Alex!" "You think I want to do this Tom?!?!"

2: "The old man behind Wal-Mart knocked me out and I woke up to him whacking off while touching me... He really does love to molesterbate..."
by longduckdong August 05, 2014
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