often a grant, small and awkardly tiny.
by sistasista213 July 07, 2009
A small creature covered in dark hair that prefers dark places.
The Mole is blind which prevents proper desicions to be made visually.
Damn Simon you've gotta be a mole to be blind enough to go there.
by PseudoPyjamo April 21, 2009
Tall, ruggedly handsome, can go all night like a lumberjack...
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
often referred to Larry or the mole on Andrews right cheek. The mole can control his temper and make him suicidal. Mole is a word you must say iin awkward s
HOLY MOLEY son of a larry
by abel peralta June 07, 2011
A short person with red hair, usually found in the burrows of their beds, and can be at times very violent!
She is such a mole!
by lil_k February 14, 2011
A younger person who crushes on an older person.

(the opposite of a cougar)
"Did you know that she was a mole?"
"Yeah she totally likes that guy and he's 30 years older than her."
by Ninjah Pineapple January 11, 2011
Weed and Tobacco mixed together then packed up and smoked through a bong. If you like wasting weed and money then this is your shittt.
Jimmy "Hey man you wanna take a mole rip?"

Mikey "Nah man, I don't fuck with moles they are nasty and dirtbag."

Jimmy "Fuck off it's a new breed of pot smokers."

Mikey "Sounds pretty pretty pretty gay, I'll just stick to blunts you douche.
by molehatapifsmoka420 April 09, 2010
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