A friend of yours who's at a party and gets you in there because he/she knows the owner.

Dude1: Hey, wanna go to that Lisa's party?
Dude2: How the f**k are we getting in?
Dude1: Don't worry, I have a mole there
by Pienoinen July 05, 2011
the mole is the member of a group of straight male friends who could be but isn't actually gay.
Joe (walking out of dressing room): Hey, do you guys think these pants make my hips look big?

Group of friends: THE MOLE!
by whoisthemole? May 25, 2011
A type of person that is dumb, stupid, not funny, ugly and has got a bad personality!
Person 1: Lena is being a real mole today don't you think?

Person 2: Yeah she has been like this for more than a week
by moooooocow1 March 15, 2015
A number that is not explained well by asian chemistry teachers.
One of the many jerks in chem class:"Mr. Koong, what the fuck is a mole."

Mr. such and such: “Dat is not appropriate!”
by dudeyourmom September 22, 2005
To explain or compare something using so many abstract similies and metaphors that your audience no longer understands what you are talking about.
I was stunned by his moles when he started comparing my eyes to the temperature of the Gulf of Mexico in the Summer.
by H Bertinson December 03, 2014
Someone who has a dot on their face.
a persone of Mole Orgin
Anthony Dahlquist Type Level
You have a mole on the left side, of your top lip.
some nick-names

Black Herpies
by Moleee January 14, 2013
A person who is half human half mole due to their love of staying in dark rooms and sleeping for ridiculously extended periods of time
stuart is such a mole, I can't even tell he's human anymore
by bananavsmole September 01, 2010
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