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The physical reaction caused by, after 3,871 tries and over 30 wasted hours, successfully registering a COM object on a Microsoft Windows OS.

Named for the program used to register assemblies in Windows.
Attempt #1: WTF does "Please give your assembly a strong name and re-register it." mean?????
Attempt #3,870: WTF I still don't even see jackshit in the registry!!!!
Attempt #3871: YES! FINALLY! SUCCESS! Now I just need to change my shorts, cause I just regasm-ed in them.
by nerdo September 19, 2012
Like to fuck off with a little less gusto.
All those wearing red shorts can just cock-off.
by Nerdo September 18, 2003
A Mole is a nerd who likes to sit on his computer playing Counterstrike (aka Molestrike). Running ten feet will be enough exercise to make the mole tired. Moles also get exercise by farting. Moles are known to be hairy and often drop ringlets. Oh yeah and they are fat.
Kavon is the prime specimen of a mole. Trevis is no longer a mole, thus no longer gassy.
by Nerdo December 12, 2004
What the matrix reloaded should have been titled because it was filled with retarded fight scenes, corny jokes and so much NERD talk nobody knew what the fuck was goin on.
Those two faggot Wachowsky bros. are such fuckin GEEKS they probly toss each other's salads while they beat off to gay comic book superheroes every night.
by neRDo May 19, 2003
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