Stands for "Mildly Old". People who are in their late forties to early sixties who are still sexually active generally fall within this category.
Guy 1: "So this lady you're banging. How old is she again?

Guy 2: "52."

Guy 1: "Fuck man she old!"

Guy 2: "Actually she's only MOLD so it's ok."

Guy 1: "Ah, ok."
by debitsucks101 October 23, 2012
Top Definition
A form into which is poured or injected some liquid, for example molten plastic, which then hardens into the shape of the form
A mold is used to create many pieces of chocolate candy that look exactly the same.
by Ubran December 11, 2006
Acronym for Making Out Laying Down.
After 5 shots of booze, Sally was ready to mold with anything that had a penis.
by duderamos November 01, 2009
a place in n wales close to manchester and liverpool and rhyl.
wales aint full of sheep theres fk all sheep here

by luke47 October 06, 2006
1. a random manner of annoyance to a group of people during normal socializing; attempt in getting attention; trying to be cool.
2. a greeting that is meant as hello when calling someone.
person 1: yo dude did you hear wh...
person 2: mold bitch!
person 1: dude shut the fuck up! ur fuckin annoying!

person 1: (dialing friends' number) mold!
person 2: umm... hey dude
by kev-dawg October 26, 2003
Male Obsessive Lawnmowing Disorder
warning to all wives with husbands over 40: be vigilant for signs of MOLD it is severely contagious. Symptoms include spending all weekend sitting on lawn mower to avoid conversation and anxious fidgeting if weather or social interaction prevents aforementioned activity.
by Mrs Malaprop September 18, 2013
slang term originating in tucson, arizona meaning 'beer.'
"hey let's hook up the n64 and play some mortal kombat."

"alright, hold muh mold"
by disconnect.the.dotss April 15, 2007
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