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A hairstyle invented by the Native Americans, also a hairstyle that ONLY LOOKS GOOD ON NATIVE AMERICANS.
Random guy: 0mg dude look at that punk with his awesome insert weird color here mohawk!
Me: 0mg look at that poser whitekid with an ugly-arse hairstyle who wishes he was as cool as Native Americans!
by The Happy May 21, 2005
A hairstyle second only to the emo swoop among anal-jousting flamers.

Soon you'll realize that the pay in the tatoo parlor is not enough to support a human being, & shave that shit off.
Last night, I held on to Bob's mohawk so I could administer the perfect donkeypunch.
by John Heinz Kerry April 12, 2005
one of the most over-rated, ugly hair-styles that has ever existed on this planet...often a favourite for try-hard losers
if that guy in the example pic that goes by the name of Andy Cancer grew some hair...he'd be hot as...really a shame huh
by steph February 24, 2005