1.A hairstyle whereas sides are shaved off leaving hair in the middle to be spiked.
2.A hairstyle which some pussy wanna-be gangsters cut an inch of their short hair and said they had a very shitty Mohawk, known to those with proper Mohawks as Fohawk.
1. Jon- "Damn, check out his ten inch Mohawk, that's some sick ass shit!"
2. Jon- "Check out that little wanna-be pussy with his fucking half inch Mohawk!"
Josh- "I know, what a little fucking Fohawk.
by (it's a secret) September 05, 2009
When a woman shaves her legs only to find the next day that she missed a strip of hair somewhere on the back of them.
Damn this cheap razor. Now my leg has a mohawk.
by Sylvia April 22, 2005
actually the mohawk was really introduced to the present time by US infantry in second world war to intimidate (dont really remember)german or japanesse soldiers when they charged or ataked face to face.

then punks adopted as their own... and i guess native americans had it first...

but now to many people do it... shame...
"woa, look at that dudes mohawk!!"
by VacantHead December 30, 2005
Drummer for Coastline Crime, used to wrestle but he injured his knee. Has a hawt mohawk and a great sense of style. Plays drums with great passion and enthusiasm. Looks great wearing nothing but a tie.
Boy, it really sucks that Mohawk has a girlfriend.
by anti_virus February 26, 2006
Favorite hairstyle of anarchists, punks, losers, etc. A mohawk can usually be found where the outcasts of the outcast crowd hang out: like in an inner-city alley, or at Berkley-U. Male individuals with mohawks usually don't have a job or a girlfriend, usually have a boyfriend, and most likely hate their parents.
If you have mohawk you should be thrown in prison and send to a re-education camp.
by craivenmorhed April 09, 2008
A formerly kick-ass hairstyle originated by the Native American Moheikan tribe, made famous by the almighty Mr. T, then ruined by punks.
I once had a mohawk because Mr. T made it cool, then people started calling me a punk, so I shaved the damn thing off.
by wcgold February 26, 2005
where ur shave ur hair on both sides and leave this v shaped hair in the middle
He's got a mohawk.
by gcrocks June 18, 2003
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