A Man Hoe. A man, who, like a regular hoe, will do anything with two legs.
"OH my GAWD i heard joe slept with THREE the other week, what a moe.
by thegothicatheist February 11, 2010
The sexualization of innocence
The 5 - year - old girl living next door is so moe! I think I'll invite her into my van with some candy
by MISTER OWNINATOR September 29, 2011
Leader of the '3 Stooges'.
'I didn't do it, MOE!!!"
by Acolte of Glorious La Parka~ November 18, 2002
1. A Japanese name that was popular in the late 1990s. Its meaning, contrary to popular belief, is "young flowers blooming."

2. A totally normal Japanese name that somehow Americans have turned into "slang."

3. The names of the hundreds of people who consider the other definitions of "moe" in UD extremely offensive.
*Lily looks up her name in UD and smiles*
*Amanda looks up her name in UD and smiles*
*Lisa looks up her name in UD and smiles*

*Moe looks up her name in UD and scowls*
by accidental_perfection! December 19, 2010
A not-nice ogre with chickpea breath.
Moe, for one your breath always smells of moldy chickpeas. And you are the ugliest member of our family. Like an ogre with chickpea breath. You're not nice either.
by Dozens86 June 05, 2009
abbr for "money over everything"
used to address friends
"wut it do moe"
by whsnum1 May 23, 2009
A person who likes to eat lasagna.
Oh dear, you are such a moe! You ate all the food!
by MoeTheTiger December 15, 2010

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