Moe: something of which their is no good. No light, just wrong.

"Moe is something you would not wish upon your worst enemy."

"Not even God Himself could stop Moe."

"Once a Moe is given ground, the Moe will not stop."

Person 1:"See what happened to him?"

Person 2:"By the looks of him, a moe came"

Person 1:"Moe is coming"
Person 2:"Life is over"
by YeahWeAreDone August 28, 2014
A gang who values money over everything.
1st guy-You wit M.O.E?
2nd guy-Yea man ive been wit M.O.E forever
by Big_Cody February 01, 2009
A word commonly used in the DMV area. It normally means "homie" or "son".
Wassup moe.

Kill moe x'D
by Plvtinum June 24, 2014
An abbreviated form of the word "Fillmoe," referring to the Fillmore District of San Francisco. When used, the word "the" is usually placed in front of it. "The 'Moe."

The term is often used by rapper Andre Nickatina.
You's a hoe,
cocaine came from the 'Moe,
Motha fuckas try to get as high as they can go.
by Jaynik February 24, 2008
An awe-inspiring jam-band from New York state that has managed to stay off the radar of the herd-mentality jam-band neo-hippies who cram like sardines into phish shows.
Dude, I saw moe. at the Aragon and it was only half full. They closed the first set with a sick Kids>Mexico, and I didn't have to stand in line for a piss at intermission.
by Mike Roynhertz August 18, 2004
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